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  • Charitable Organizations In Mexico

    The Mexican government through the DIF (Desarrollo Integral de la Familia / Family Integral Development) program develops services focused towards children and teens such as:

    Counsel for Children’s Defense is in charge of promoting and guarding family rights, particularly children’s protection against abuse and neglect.

    Children’s Temporary Shelter is in charge of protecting and giving shelter to abused and neglected children, with professional counseling to help the children overcome their problems and enjoy their new life.

    Adoptions – DIF is given the task of finding the best parents for children under their care.

    Besides DIF, the state program in charge of children’s care and adoptions, there are several NGOs (non government organizations) that are very well organized with most of them being managed by foreigners.

    A charity usually helps by providing education, feeding and medical services to disadvantage children. But not only children are being helped, but their families, disabled people, the elderly and orphanages.

    There are many charity and volunteer organizations you can help:

    Mexican Red Cross – The Mexican Red Cross has a long history of volunteering. Check their webpage and subscribe as a volunteer:

    SOS Children’s Villages - this is one of the largest orphan charities around the world. You can find further information by clicking on their link:

    Charity Vault – On this page you can find a charities and nonprofit organizations directory for Mexico by category and city.

    -Doug Jones
    President & Founder
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